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Luigi Einaudi Innovation Grant

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Now Open!   This annual grant program is designed to encourage and integrate innovative research and teaching in the area of European Studies.


Successful applications include opportunities that:

  • Promote the interdisciplinary study of Europe and cross boundaries between the social sciences and the humanities in ways that enhance the classroom experience of Cornell students and/or provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Bring visitors to campus in conjunction with a course.
  • Engage graduate students and undergraduates in research or in implementing project activities.


Tenured and tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and research associates at Cornell are eligible to apply, as are programs, centers, and libraries within the University. Although individual projects are acceptable, collaborative proposals are especially encouraged. These grants are not intended to support conference travel or attendance, and do not provide stipends for course development.

Amount of Award

Award amounts will not exceed $6,000.

Proposals should include the following:

  • A description of the objectives, activities, beneficiaries and impact (not to exceed 1,500 words)
  • A detailed budget with justification of expenses
  • Curriculum vitae of the principal individuals involved
  • Human subjects approval, where necessary

For research being conducted abroad:

  • If awarded grant, faculty are encouraged to register their trip with Cornell International Travel Registry
  • Cornell International Travel Registry system also incorporates the International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART) petition for travel to elevated-risk destinations. If your proposal includes travel to an elevated risk country, you are strongly encouraged to have a back-up plan for your project in the event that your ITART application is denied, or if the country to which you are travelling should become an elevated risk country subsequent to receiving your travel grant.

Applications are due by February 15, 2020.

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For additional information, contact Pamela Hampton, Program Manager of IES.