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Luigi Einaudi Background

Luigi Einaudi
Luigi Einaudi

Luigi Einaudi was an Italian politician and economist. He served as the second President of the Italian Republic between 1948 and 1955.  Einaudi was Governor of the Bank of Italy from 1945 until 1948. He was also a founding member of the Consulta Nazionale, which opened the way to the new Parliament of the Italian Republic after World War II.

He later served as Minister of Finances, Treasury and Balance, as well as Vice-Premier, from 1947 until 1948.On May 11, 1948, he was elected the second postwar President of the Italian Republic. In 1955, at the end of his seven-year term of office, Einaudi became a Life Senator.Einaudi was a member of numerous cultural, economic and university institutions. He was a supporter of the ideal of European federalism. He also personally managed the activities of his farm near Dogliani, where he applied the most advanced agricultural developments.Mario Einaudi, former Goldwin Smith Professor of Government at Cornell and founding director of the Center for International Studies, founded the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi in honor of his father.

Luigi Einaudi died in Rome in 1961.