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Given the uncertainty of the spread of the Coronavirus, international airline tickets or other non-refundable items should not be purchased until awards have been announced AND any necessary approval for travel granted by the International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART). 

The issue of travel at this time is a complex matter that requires constant monitoring. Regardless of the above guidelines, purchases at any time may still result in a loss of unrecoverable costs. When possible, we would recommend making refundable travel arrangements only.  We recommend applicants stay informed by:

  1. Keeping in touch with the Institute for European Studies (
  2. Visiting  Cornell’s coronavirus webpage for updates.

Please know that we are very mindful of your inability to make long-term travel plans at this stage, and are therefore very happy to answer any questions or learn about your concerns. Remember that all student travel must be registered in the Cornell International Travel Registry.



Institute for European Studies (IES) administers many funding competitions to support the study of European languages, culture, and society. Fellowships and grants are available to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.

Graduate Funding

The Institute for European Studies offers graduate fellowship, grant, and paper-prize competitions to conduct research on Europe.

Luigi Einaudi Graduate Dissertation Fellowship

Manon Michels Einaudi Grant

Michele Sicca Research Grant

Sidney Tarrow Paper Prize

Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider Exchange (Graduate Students)

IES Research Grant (Special Award for 2019-20 only)

Undergraduate Funding        

The Institute for European Studies offers undergraduate fellowship and grant competitions to conduct research in Europe.

Frederic Conger Wood Research Fellowship

Susan Tarrow Summer Research Fellowship

The Michael J. Harum Memorial Prize for Students of Slavic Languages

Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider Exchange (Undergraduates)


Faculty Funding

The Institute for European Studies offers three faculty funding opportunities.

IES Language Instruction Travel Grant

Luigi Einaudi Innovation Grant 

Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider Exchange (Faculty)

(If interested in IES co-sponsoring an event, initiative, etc., please click here.)

Co-Sponsorship Funding

The Institute for European Studies promotes and coordinates multidisciplinary curricula, research projects, initiatives, and events centering on Europe including the Mediterranean region. Through our program of lectures, conferences, seminars, international exchanges and scholarships, the Institute seeks to broaden the Cornell community's view of Europe and the Mediterranean.

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