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Frederic Conger Wood Fellowship FAQs

1. Who is eligible for the Tarrow and Wood undergraduate fellowships?

Eligibility is restricted to Cornell undergraduate students who are currently juniors. Students must be enrolled in full time study in any discipline, and work must be focused on the study of Europe.


2. When is the application deadline?

The annual application deadline is March 1st. 


3. What is the difference between the Frederic Conger Wood Undergraduate Fellowship and the Susan Tarrow Undergraduate Fellowship?

Both fellowships are open to current Cornell juniors and the application is shared. Students planning a project in France or Italy will be given top consideration for the Tarrow Fellowship, while the Wood Fellowship is available for research in any European country.


4. Are there any citizenship requirements?

No. There are no citizenship requirements.


5. Can the Wood or Tarrow fellowship be used for tuition for courses?

No, these fellowships support only field research.


6. When may I travel to do my research?

Selected students spend the spring semester prior to departure preparing the project under the guidance of an advisor. Students are then expected to spend 6-8 weeks of field study in Europe over the summer months.


7. May I conduct my research in the U.S. or in a non-European country?

No, research must take place in Europe.


8. Are there additional steps I need to complete if I am awarded funding?

Yes. All research carried out by a Cornell student involving human participants must be submitted to the Institutional Review Board for Human Participants (IRB) to obtain the necessary training and approvals or exemptions. It is the responsibility of each fellowship recipient to complete these requirements prior to receiving funding. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a forfeiture of CIES funds.


9. Are CIES fellowships to be reported as taxable income?

Yes, fellowships are considered taxable. For further clarification check with the Cornell University Bursar's office.


10. Are interim or final progress reports required?

Yes. A written report is required and must be submitted to the Cornell Institute for European Studies before the end of senior year/graduation. Wood fellows who complete an Honors thesis are asked to deposit a copy with CIES.