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Co-Sponsorship Funding

Blue cave Photo by Peter Gonzalez on Unsplash

The Cornell Institute for European Studies promotes and coordinates multidisciplinary curricula, research projects, initiatives, and events centering on Europe including the Mediterranean region. Through our program of lectures, conferences, seminars, international exchanges and scholarships, the Institute seeks to broaden the Cornell community's view of Europe and the Mediterranean.

CIES is able to provide modest funding and local list-serve publicity to departments, organizations, and affiliates on campus in support of activities or events featuring Europe. This funding is dependent upon the submission of the on-line funding application and the subsequent submission of an Event Report.  Funding ranges based on need, up to $500, on a first come first serve basis throughout the semester.

Requests: open now, first come first serve, and programming fit

Deadline: rolling

Required: Qualtrics application

To APPLY and qualify for co-sponsorship:

  1. All applicants must complete and submit the Application for CIES Co-Sponsorship Funding, 2019-2020
  2. All student organizations must be registered and approved with the Dean of Students. For more information regarding this please reference All others must be a formally recognized Cornell University entity.

Upon submission of a successful application the applicant will be provided with an e-mail outlining the funding pledged in support of the activity or event.


Once approved, to receive funds the applicant must:

  1. List the Cornell Institute for European Studies as a Co-sponsor on all event publicity.
  2. Provide the following link or electronic copy:

    • Cornell calendar event (tag CIES)
    • Description of event/Flyer


    List and tag the Cornell Institute for European Studies as a co-sponsor on all event publicity. For complete details on acknowledging CIES as a co-sponsor:

    Funding will be disbursed upon completion of above noted items.  Cancelled events, or unspent funds, are required to return funding.