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Visiting Scholars


CIES is able to host self-funded, visiting scholars on a limited basis for a period of up to two semesters. Visitors must have their Ph.D. or hold a terminal degree. Please apply here.


Özlem Erkarslan studied architecture in Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir and obtained her masters and doctoral degrees from the same institution. Dr. Erkarslan taught as a full-time academic member in the departments of architecture of several universities between 1990-2010 including Dokuz Eylul University, Eastern Mediterranean University and Izmir Institute of Technology. She also taught and conducted research in the graduate program of Women Studies in Ege University. She worked as department chair and professor in the department of architecture in Gediz University until 23 July 2016. Her research interests include anti-orientalism, architectural criticism and space-gender issues. In 2002, Dr. Erkarslan was awarded the Milka Bliznakov Prize Commendation from the International Archive of Woman Architects at Virginia Tech University.


Anna Wojciuk Picture

Anna Wojciuk is the Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relation at the University of Warsaw. She has previously served as faculty as the Educational Research Institute and the National School of Public Administration (KSAP). AT VEDERE, she was Executive Producer of Not Only Auschwitz, a documentary recounting the history of concentration campus. In the same vein, Wojciuk has worked as Executive Producee and Head of Research in movies on Somalia, DR Congo, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Uganda, Kenya, and Lebanon at Polish Television, TVP 2.

Matthew Morgan Picture

Matthew Morgan is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University (Athens, Ohio). He has also served as lecturer at the State University of New York Cortland. He has taught courses on terrorism, national security, international relations, and world politics. Morgan's most recent publications include "Strategy in Flux: NATO's Adopting of Risk Management and the Elaboration of a New Framework of Command and Control" and "The Containment of Occupy: Militarized Police Forces and Social Control in America."


Stephano Sacchi Picture

Stephano Sacchi was a visiting scholar with CIES from April to September 2014. Stefano is assistant professor of political science at University of Milan's Department of Social and Political Sciences. He is interested in European and comparative social policy, comparative political economy, methodology of the social sciences, European political development, and empirical democratic theory. He published The Political Economy of Work Security and Flexibility in 2012 as well as a few other books. 

Mats Braun Picture

Mats Braun is senior lecturer at Metropolitan University Prague's Department of International Relations and European Studies. His main research fields are on European integration, the insititutional stucture of the EU, international relations of the environment, norms diffusion, socialization, Central and East European politics, and Scandinavian politics. Some of his publications include Europeanization of Environmental Policy in the New Europe: Beyond Conditionality, The Quest for the National Interest a Methodological Reflection on Czech Foreign Policy, etc.