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Recent Internship Participants/Recipients


Corinne Kenwood has attended graduate and undergraduate school in Mehcanical Engineering at Cornell University. She is now working at Moog Industrial since February 2018, and contributed to the development of autonomous off-road vehicles for agricultural applications.

James Cassel has attained his Bachelor of Science from Cornell and is currently pursuing his Master of Engineering. James has contributed to the Infrastructure Service Provider’s Engineering Group. More recently, he has worked on laser display, object tracking and maze mapping robot at school.


Sophia Yan has attained her bachelor of science from Cornell and is currently pursuing her master of engineering. Yan has contributed to the delta modeling and optimization of operations at the California Department of Water Resources. More recently, she has worked at MITRE and the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, assisting in the research of the Android Beyond the Stratosphere Project, which provides public access to space through Nanosatellites with Android phone platforms.