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Will this robot take my job? (October 18, 2017)


CIES Migration Series and AAP Critically Now Series

With the advancement of computation and robotics comes the potential for ever increasing degrees of automation in all sectors of life and economy. Developments in self-driving cars and trucks, self-aware grocery stores, fully automated assembly lines, automated legal representation, or automated care for the elderly have the potential to drastically impact society at a global scale. What are the possibilities and dangers of automation? What are potentially new forms of human-robot co-habitation? What are the new economic models? Does automation cause job loss? What are possible political consequences? Recently, anxieties over the issue of migration and hostility towards immigrants seem partly related to issues of automation and fears of unemployment. The panel addressed the relation between migration and technology and discussed how to collaborate across disciplines to better navigate the significant paradigm shift towards an automated society.


Guy Hoffman (Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Ronald R. Kline (Department of Science and Technology Studies), Ross A. Knepper (Department of Computer Science), Adam Seth Litwin (Labor Relations, Law, and History), Kirstin Hagelskjær Petersen (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Sasa Zivkovic (Department of Architecture).