Minor in European Studies

Students in any college may register for an undergraduate minor in European Studies. The minor provides a coherent structure for students with an interest in interdisciplinary study in the field of European studies which will complement their major in a traditional department. Completed registration forms should be submitted to the Cornell Institute for European Studies in 120 Uris Hall. A copy of the transcript should be included.

The European Studies Minor has three tracks:

  • European Politics, Economics and Society;
  • Modern European History;
  • and European Culture.


The requirements for the minor are:
1. Competence in at least one modern European language, Romance, Germanic, or Slavic language.
For example, completion of a fifth semester or equivalent with a grade of at least B-, or demonstration of an advanced level of competence in an oral proficiency interview test, where available.

2. Completion of the interdisciplinary core course:

  • SOC 3410/GOVT 3413 Modern European Society & Politics. 4 credits.
3. Completion of one course in modern post-1789 European history
4. Three additional courses in any of the three areas, which may include a 400-level senior seminar.
  • Courses in European and comparative politics, anthropology, sociology, women's studies, and related courses in the School of Hotel Administration, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Courses in modern post-1789 European history
  • Courses in post-1789 English and European literatures, comparative literature, semiotics, fine arts, architecture, music, philosophy, film and theatre arts, and women's studies
  • Cornell in Turin Summer Program - GOVT/SOC 3323 European Politics and/or PAM/DSOC 3620

Only two courses may be used to satisfy requirements for both the Major and the Concentration.

Students interested in completing a research project may apply for the Frederic Conger Wood or Susan Tarrow Undergraduate Research Fellowship in their junior year.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Language House Program, the Model European Union course (GOVT 4313/4320), and study abroad.

Courses taken abroad may be applied to the minor if they are approved for Cornell credit. Undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences can major in European Studies through the independent major or College Scholar programs.

For further information contact Jason Hecht, Associate Director of CIES and Coordinator of the European Studies Minor.