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Barcelona, Spain


Summer internships researching nanosatellites in Spain

All-expenses paid summer internship opportunities researching nanosatellites in Barcelona as part of a collaboration between Cornell University and Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) on the design of constellations of very small satellites (the size of a Kleenex box) called CubeSats. Since the development of CubeSat specification by CalPoly and Stanford in the 2000s, CubeSats have seen a tremendous success in both academia and industry.

Today, CubeSat-based concepts are being studied for many different applications including weather forecasting, disaster monitoring, and precision agriculture among others. A range of specific projects are possible depending on the candidate qualifications and preferences, ranging from design, analysis and simulation work to more hands-on work on fabrication, integration and testing.

UPC is one of the top engineering universities in Spain, with 38,000+ students and 25 different schools that offer degrees in all areas of engineering and architecture. Led by renowned Professors Adriano Camps and Eduard Alarcon, the NanoSat lab is a state-of-the-art facility designed to develop CubeSats of up to 6U. The facility includes a shake-and-bake table and a thermal vacuum chamber among others. Several CubeSats have already been developed or are currently being developed in this facility.

Barcelona is located in the Northeast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most beautiful and eclectic cities in Europe. Architecture, modern art, wonderful beaches, great food, a strong industry sector and open-mindedness are all found in this popular tourist destination.


Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Computer Science

Applied and Physics Engineering


TO APPLY, applicants must email the following materials to Professor Daniel Selva by Februrary 25, 2016:

  • Updated CV
  • Transcript
  • Short Essay (400-500 words on why you would like to pursue this opportunity, and make a good candidate.)


For more information, you may email Professor Selva or CIES Associate Director, Jason Hecht